Hopefully, 12-year-old Reiss Wheatley-Crane was able to put his feet up for a bit of a rest
after completing a recent 100km running in one month challenge. On Tuesday 29 th June, the
Northamptonshire Health Charity team assembled with some of Reiss’ family members – at
a distance – outside the children’s wards at Northampton General Hospital to cheer him on
to the finish line.
Reiss has raised over £2,245 towards the new Outside Play Area for Paddington and Disney
wards at the hospital. What an amazing achievement at just 12 years old! Child Health
Matron, Caroline Blenkhorn also bought out a few members of her team from the wards to
welcome Reiss as he completed his June running challenge.
Born prematurely, Reiss spent the first 6 weeks of his life on Gosset Ward and so wanted to
raise money for the children’s wards at the same hospital that helped him 12 years ago. The
funds he has raised will help to enhance outdoor play facilities for children staying in
Find out more about this fundraising appeal and the many ways you can get involved by
contacting the charity team on 01604 626927, emailing greenheart@nhcf.co.uk or by visiting
the charity’s website: www.northamptonshirehealthcharity.co.uk