On 26. 02.2019, Sean Brady WASPRA Co Chair and Patrick Cross WASPRA Roads and Environment expert, met with members of the Northampton Borough Council, and representatives of Northampton County Council, to discuss the NWRR, and the data anomalies WASPRA believe to have evolved from questionable traffic assessments and subsequent planning development approvals.

After comparing NCC statistics carefully analysed by WASPRA (which show that the proposed North West Relief Road will lead to a general increase in traffic within Kingsthorpe by 87%, and that significant impact would be felt in various turnings within Kingsthorpe), WASPRA recommended a scrutiny panel to be set up to include all stakeholders and experts. The NBC rejected the idea of a scrutiny panel but have promised to increase communication with residents and other stakeholders, and begin to consult a wider spectrum of influential and specialist stakeholders e.g. the Road Haulage Authority, Northampton Forum of the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport, Emergency Services, Northampton Chamber of Commerce, SEMLEP, and the Northampton Forum of Residents Associations (NFRA).

The NBC promised during the meeting to take away and analyse the figures provided by WASPRA – as they considered them to be highly concerning, and quite an ‘eye opener’. They have confirmed that they will provide feedback to Waspra on this shortly.

Sean Brady “We are following this meeting, cautiously optimistic that finally the necessary council representatives have recognised the severity of our concerns regarding the NWRR impact. We do hope that if the analysis by the NBC regarding our figures brings them to the same conclusions as us – that the road (NWRR) will be disastrous for Kingsthorpe North in no uncertain terms – that necessary actions will be taken to avoid this potential nightmare for traffic in the area, and that an alternative option can be identified. Northampton is overdue a completed dual carriageway orbital road from the A45 south of Junction 16 of the M1 and the A43 near Sywell“.