The Waltham Walk was started in December 1969, by group of Officers of the Waltham Forest Battalion of the Boys’ Brigade. Since then it has become one of the largest multi-cultural, organisational, event challenge expeditions affiliated to the Boys’ Brigade.

The success relies upon the support from the local community; St Johns Ambulance, farmers, schools, village halls, churches and helpers who run checkpoints.

The Waltham Walk has attracted entries from 294 organisations (over 7000 entrants): Boys’ Brigade and Girls Association 73, Scouts 21, Girls Brigade 9, Guides 4, Cadets 33, Schools 29, Youth Clubs 37 and Independents 58. Entrants learn the joys of the countryside, develop team building skills and comradeship from a friendly competitive environment.

This year there were 165 entrants entered (BB & GA, Scouts, RAF Cadets and Independents); 4 of which were 11th Northampton Boys’ Brigade

The Event started at High Easter Village Hall, camped overnight at Skreens Park and finished at Blackmore Village Hall an overall distance of 23 miles. Every one of the teams was represented at the finish.

A few light showers on the Saturday, did not dampen the teams’ energy; the weather was good for trekking across the Essex countryside. The checkpoint challenges were all undertaken with a great deal of enthusiasm.

Trophies and Certificates were presented by Natalie Whipday, BB & GA Director for England and Wales. All entrants had a certificate in recognition of their achievement and a commemorative badge.