Two brand-new day care centres for older people launch in Northampton.
A brand-new service for older people, Affinity Day Care C.I.C., is launching in Northampton on Wednesday 2nd December. The service is to run at two locations in the town, St. Luke’s Community Centre, and St. James Community Centre, and will be open Monday to Friday, 10:30 – 15:30.
The service has been developed by a team of experienced social care professionals who between them have over 26 years’ experience in the sector. Providing day care for people in later life, the centres have been designed with COVID-19 procedures in mind to create a safe environment where older people can enjoy care, friendship, and fun.
COVID-19 has caused a rise in loneliness and social isolation and this is ever-present in the older population. Loneliness is said to be as damaging to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Not only does it increase rates of depression and other mental health issues, but it also increases the risk of developing coronary heart disease and stroke and is a risk factor for the progression of frailty. Older people living alone are 50% more likely to access emergency care services and at a time when the NHS is under pressure, it’s never been more important to support older people to avoid unplanned hospital admissions, which is what the Affinity Day Care aims to do.
As well as offering inclusive activities designed to promote physical and mental wellbeing, Affinity Day Care offers respite for carers. The service recognises the importance of carers having the opportunity to rest so that they can continue to be at their best for their loved ones. This is especially important for carers of older people with Dementia and the centre at St James will be Northampton’s only specialist dementia day care service. The centre will support those with moderate to late stages of dementia and will be staffed according to the needs of those in care, ensuring that each individual is treated with respect and dignity.
Clients who attend St. Luke’s Community Centre will pay £35 per day which includes transport to and from the centre via Ability Transport, a two-course lunch, refreshments, activities, entertainment, and professional care. Those who attend St James will pay £45 per day which will include the same services but with specialist activities and support for those with dementia.
Affinity Day Care is a community interest company with the primary objective of serving the older community of Northampton. The organisation is not driven by generating profits for shareholders but rather, reinvesting in the service and the community and being a fair employer. The organisation wants to support local small and independent business and aims to use local suppliers for equipment, catering, entertainment etc.
Fern Overton, Director, Affinity Day Care C.I.C. “We are delighted to be able to launch two new day centres at a time when many services for older people are closing. Our team have experience in the private and charity sectors, and we have designed a service that is at the forefront of social care in the county.
It’s been an incredibly difficult year for older people, and we can’t wait to welcome them through the doors. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we must support our local community which is why we have set up as a C.I.C., so that we can not only support older people but also the businesses in our community.
Later life doesn’t have to be a sad time and we are keen to show older people that day care can be innovative, fun, and joyful. Our ethos at Affinity Day Care is to make every day a celebration.”
To find out more or to book a telephone assessment, call 01604 372744, email or visit the website