The early spring flowers help to blow away the winter blues even if there is snow on the ground and a chill in the air.

Winter Pansies and Violas are holding on in there, with their dainty pretty faces reminding you of the summer colour that is yet to come. Through the winter they do not put on a lot of growth but as the spring creeps in they begin to make the most of the brighter, longer days and warmer weather growing and putting up more flowers. Snow drops and crocus are some of the earliest bulb flowers that arrive in our gardens to welcome in the spring, they really are a delight to see.

Early flowering shrubs can also bring that much needed colour in to our gardens at this time of year.

The Witch Hazel bush is a small tree with fragrant yellow blooms that resemble dainty ribbons.  Growing Witch Hazel is a favorite amongst gardeners looking for late winter/early spring color and fragrance. Many people plant Witch Hazel in a location where they can enjoy not only its beauty but also its sweet aroma.  Witch hazel shrubs are excellent as a border, mixed hedge or even a specimen plant. They are easy to grow only needing a little pruning in the autumn to keep their shape.

A forsythia plant can add dramatic flair to your garden in early spring. Forsythia bushes are among the first plants of spring to burst forth into bright yellow flowers that almost glow. On a cold bright spring morning they really are a delight.  Plant them in a sunny position in the garden in well drained soil, a regular mulch round the base well help to retain the moisture in the soil and provide fresh organic matter to the soil. Prune you forsythia after the flowers have gone over every year to maintain a good shape as these fast growing shrubs can quickly become overgrown.

The spirea bushes are eye-catching plants, fast growing, hardy and ease to care for. Spirea shrubs are deciduous that can be divided into two categories: spring blooming and summer blooming.  The spring blooming spirea has a delicate cascading habit with large clusters of white flowers poised on arching branches, they are much admired for their shape and flowers. Make them a focal point in your garden or part of screen or border to your garden.  Plant in full sun or light shade n well drained soil, they do not like wet feet. Prune after the flowers have finished, removing dead as you do.

The star magnolia (Magnolia stellata) blossom is a welcome sign of spring. The intricate and colorful star magnolia flowers appear weeks ahead of other spring flowering shrubs and plants, making this tree a popular choice as a focal point in the garden for early spring color. It has an oval habit with low branches, there are plenty of different cultivars to choose from with white or pink flowers and almost all have a delightful fragrance. They grow best in slightly acidic soils in a sunny position with good drainage, prune only after the tree has finished flowering. Mulch round the base to retain water and keep the weeds away.

As our gardens take on their spring colours and the days lengthen the wonderful Daffodils will push up through the earth to bring forth their dazzlingly bright yellow flowers, as soon as they arrive in my garden and here on the nursery I know the beginning of our season at Cramden Nursery is here.  The Nursery opens again on the 1st March with an array of colourful Heucheras, shrubs, trees and herbaceous plants all garden ready. Drop in and see us, our helpful staff are always on hand to answer your queries and discuss any requirements you have for your garden. We hope to see you soon.