“One of my favourite definitions of an osteopath is ”Someone who solves a problem you didn’t know you had in a way you don’t understand, see also magician, wizard”
While it isn’t totally accurate(?), it is a great conversation starter when someone asks me what I do.
If you come to see me because you are in pain whether it is your head, shoulders, knees & toes (elbows, wrists, low back, hips, ankles, etc. etc.) what I actually do is confirm where the pain is, explain why you are in pain, then tell you how I can help you.
Where osteopathy is not appropriate I will always point you in the direction of someone that can help whether that is a GP, a consultant, or another practitioner.”

 In addition to Osteopathy, I am also a qualified Functional Strength & Conditioning coach, Otago Team Leader, workstation assessor, and qualified Mental Health First Aider. All of this experience means that I can provide you with comprehensive support for your problems whatever they are.

If you are not sure what type of therapist to see, you can book a Free 15-minute assessment with me as a no-risk way of finding out what’s going on and what you can do next. I promise not to confuse you with jargon and if I can’t explain why you are in pain, without your eyes glazing over and leaving you more confused, I am not doing my job properly!

During Lockdown I am offering virtual appointments and assessments either online or over the phone.
Got a question or want to book an appointment? email me at info@sollushealthcare.co.uk call me on 01604-532853 or book an online appointment here http://bit.ly/Sollusosteopathyonlinebooking