How to Take Action for Happiness
Action for Happiness is a charitable organisation looking to create a happier world. They designed a
simple and effective framework called the ‘10 Keys to Happier Living’, an evidence-based structure
to help people do small things that are proven to make them happier.
Volunteers for the charity have coordinated a steering group in Northampton to spread the message
of the 10 Keys and bring proactive wellbeing support to the community. The group consists of
representation from the University of Northampton, GP surgeries, faith groups, Northampton
Borough Council, and many more. Working together with a joint aim, the steering group has
successfully implemented initiatives with schools, churches, and health services.
One of the most recent projects is the creation of a Happy Café network. Four Northampton-based
organisations have received funding from Northamptonshire public health to offer free, monthly,
online wellbeing sessions. Umbrella Fair Organisation, Zimwomen Association, Heather’s Café and
United African Association are all connecting with the community, digitally, to share the 10 Keys.
The monthly events are open to everyone and offer an opportunity to learn about one of the 10
Keys, share experiences and identify how to implement practical solutions to improve happiness.
Launched in November 2020, they have sparked conversations about book recommendations, places
to walk in the county, volunteering opportunities and ways to connect during lockdown.
If you’d like to join in, head to the Action for Happiness Facebook page and look at the events tab.
You can also connect on Twitter and Instagram. Just search @A4HNorthants across all social media.
If you’d like to receive the free Action for Happiness Northants monthly newsletter, sign up by