This wonderful piece of sensory equipment really does work magic! Having a Magic Carpet as part of the therapy resources would significantly enhance the care provided to elderly dementia patients at St Mary’s and Berrywood hospitals!

Not only would the Magic Carpet provide sensory experiences to calm and relax but the different activities available can enable and empower people to work with their strengths. This in turn promotes self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as enjoyment.

The Forest Centre is a unit for older people with mental health conditions, including those with dementia whereas the Welland Centre is a purpose-built Mental Health inpatient facility for adults of working age. Berrywood Hospital is also a purpose-built facility that helps individuals rebuild their lives in a safe and caring environment. Berrywood also has wards for older adults, including those with dementia.

Research has found that multi-sensory equipment can have an enormously positive effect on people with dementia. It can help therapists and relatives engage patients and reconnect them with the outside world by way of a gentle, nurturing approach. There was some incredible feedback from patients when they were able to trial the carpet at The Forest Centre.

Patients can be transported to a faraway place by the engaging images and stimulating sounds. They could have a visit to the seaside, see the city sights of Rome or kick a football and sweep away some leaves – all without leaving the room! This will provide fantastic care on such a personal level.

Please help us to enhance the sensory resources for elderly patients with dementia across our county. You can do this by making a donation or by getting involved with some fundraising.

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