Partnership Working Secures Funding to Provides Opportunities for People With
Learning Disabilities to Get More Active in Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire!
Mencap have worked in partnership with Northamptonshire Sport and Team Beds Luton to secure £10,000
of funding to deliver the Sport England funded, Round the World Challenge (RTWC) programme. This will be
available to help people with learning disabilities across the 2 counties get more active by participating in
their Round the World Challenge (RTWC) programme.
The RTWC is open to anyone with a learning disability aged 16+ and provides them with an opportunity to
travel virtually around the world by converting activity hours into miles which are stamped on to a passport.
The more activity they do, the further they go in an attempt to firstly make it around the United Kingdom
which is achieved by doing 20 hours, then Europe in 40 and finally the world in 100 for those who wish to.
Participants will receive regular rewards throughout the challenge in the form of t-shirts, postcards for
reaching each stage along a route, certificates for completing passports and opportunities to build up
volunteering hours.
Any form of physical activity counts towards the challenge and given the nature of the current pandemic
they can take place virtually, or in person within social distancing guidelines that adhere to Covid
Organisations who support people with learning disabilities in Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire are
currently being sought to participate in the RTWC. They can apply for some of the funding available to help
provide activities whether that’s for purchasing equipment, hiring facilities, or anything else they may need.
Graeme Wilson from Northamptonshire Sport said:
“This is a fantastic opportunity that’s been presented to us by Mencap thanks to funding from Sport
England! We know that sadly people with learning disabilities are currently some of the least active in
society, so I hope that the Round the World Challenge provides opportunities in our county for them to get
involved, find something they enjoy and want to do more of which will help to readdress the situation.”
For more information about the programme please visit the Mencap website, and if your organisation is
interested in being involved then please email, or phone 07970 965649.