Northampton Community Safety Partnership are working together during 16 Days of Activism (25 November to 10 December) to make a stand against gender-based based abuse.

For the second year running, the partnership will promote the ‘Don’t let abuse shatter your Christmas’ campaign to raise awareness of local support services ahead of the festive period, when instances of domestic abuse and sexual abuse can increase.

During the 16 days, the Community Safety Partnership will be distributing leaflets, posters and information baubles in venues, work places and retailers across the town. Businesses and taxi drivers will also be asked to place stickers in their windows, in support of the campaign.

In addition, the partnership will be holding several pop-up support surgeries, where agencies such as Northamptonshire Domestic Abuse Service, Eve, Northampton Sunflower Centre, Voice, Serenity and Northamptonshire Rape Crisis will be on hand to provide advice and guidance. Surgeries confirmed are as follows:

Wednesday 27 November     Northampton County Council  12pm to 2pm
Thursday 28 November          Northampton Borough Council  11am to 2pm
Friday 29 November               Metro Bank    12pm to 2pm
Monday 2 December              Northampton University           10am to 12pm
Tuesday 3 December              Northampton College (The Mounts)     12pm to 2pm
Wednesday 4 December       Northampton University           10am to 12pm
Thursday 5 December            Weston Favell Shopping Centre  10am to 2pm
Friday 6 December                 Northampton Borough Council (One Stop Shop) 10am to 2pm
Monday 9 December             Northampton Borough Council (One Stop Shop) 10am to 12pm
Tuesday 10 December          Northampton Borough Council  (One Stop Shop) 10am to 12pm

The Community Safety Partnership will also be supporting Northamptonshire Police’s #CutitoutNorthants campaign which aims to educate hairdressers and the wider public to recognise the warning signs of domestic and sexual abuse and to help refer them onto support organisations. This campaign is due to launch at an event on Monday 25 November.

A spokesperson from Northampton Borough Council said: “16 Days is an important international movement which we are proud to be supporting in Northampton for the third year running.

“Our campaign ‘Don’t let abuse shatter your Christmas’ helps to not only identify abusive behaviours but also the many agencies that can help in in all manner of situations.

“Utilising various venues that people use regularly, we aim to reach out to both men and women again this year, ensuring that they know that support is available if they need it.

Assistant Chief Constable James Andronov added: “Tackling domestic abuse is a priority for the Force and everyone has a role to play in preventing and supporting those affected.

“Domestic abuse can be physical or psychological and affects women, men and children, from all walks of life. It isn’t always easy to spot and it can be even harder to talk about but through our awareness raising we hope to instil the importance of being curious, asking questions and look out for some of the red flags like controlling behaviour, constant surveillance and the abuse.

“Hairdressers and therapists are in a unique position to help those who may be experiencing any type of abuse, reassure them and encourage them to take the first steps to getting safe.”

Fiona Campbell CEO of Voice for Victims and Witnesses said “This campaign is important to raise awareness of what gender based violence is, and who are the agencies in Northamptonshire that can support individuals if they are in an abusive relationship and wish to seek help. Voice knows how difficult it can be to speak out or seek help, but it’s never too late to do so.

“Voice is a free and confidential support service for anyone living in Northamptonshire who has been a victim or witness of crime. The crime does not have to have been reported to the Police and it doesn’t matter when or where the crime was committed. You know longer need to suffer in silence whatever your situation Voice is here to assist you”.

To contact us telephone 0300 303 1965 or visit our website at

To request copies of the Don’t let abuse shatter your Christmas materials, please email

#CutitoutNorthants details can be found at @NorthantsPolice on Twitter or Salon professionals who would like to know more can contact