Nicola O’Brien, business development director at ID Card Centre in Northampton, was delighted to learn that she was a finalist for Business Woman of the Year in the SME National Business Awards 2019.

The success that has followed Nicola’s business growth and development planning stood out to the judges

The award will be won by the woman who has had the biggest positive impact on a business. The winner must have made a major contribution towards the success of their business and demonstrate an exceptional drive. ID Card Centre is becoming one of Northampton’s shining lights for incredible, sustained business growth.

“When I started at ID Card Centre in 2014 I had a one-year-old girl and felt far from confident. Having attended a number of local business growth training courses, I engaged a few well-regarded specialists for support and worked hard alongside the rest of our team. Five years later we have a wonderful – and much larger – workforce, a healthy, profitable turnover, and two children.

“After the political instability of the past few years, we’re confident we can push on through the highs and lows that Brexit will bring,” explained Nicola.

ID Card Centre is rapidly becoming a leading one-stop shop for identity cards and badges, ID card printers, consumables and accessories, along with high-tech access control solutions.

The national winner will be announced on 6 December at the SME National Business Awards 2019 evening at Wembley Stadium.