Northampton General Hospital have been welcoming their new cohort of junior doctors with a special welcome pack on their first day. The package is designed to promote self-care and empower them to take time to recharge and look after themselves in their new role.

The health and wellbeing lead Anne-Marie Dunkley described why the initiative is so important “We often read in the news the pressures that junior doctors are under, so we wanted to do something to give them some tools for self-care. For a lot of our junior doctors they might not have visited NGH before or even Northampton, so that in itself is a big change, let alone starting a new job.

“We wanted to create these packs and include items that would promote self-care, sleeping well and staying safe after shift working. These new self-care packs are designed to provide things to relieve the stresses of the working day and remind our junior doctors to take some time to look after themselves as well as our patients. We hope this gesture will go a long way in letting them know that we’re here to support and help them during their time with us, and that we care about their wellbeing”.

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  • Health and wellbeing Anne-Marie giving out the packs to new junior doctors
  • Thujina and Subanky with their welcome packs
  • The contents of the junior doctor welcome pack