In National Volunteers Week (1-7 June), St. Christopher’s Care Home in Abington Park Crescent, Northampton, want to take this opportunity to recognise the invaluable and diverse contributions, made by their incredible team of over 50 volunteers at St. Christopher’s, aged between 17 and 92 !

Sally Freestone, Volunteers Co-ordinator at St. Christopher’s said, “The Management, Staff and Residents so appreciate all the many, many  hours they contribute to the life of the Home throughout a year.  The quality and variety of input they give to the Home week in, week out, is amazing, and without them, many of the extraordinary events, just would not happen”.
“They also contribute so much to the social and mental well being of the Residents, in coming into the Home with their smiles and varying conversation.  We can never measure just what a huge contribution this is alone”.
“Our activities programme arranged by Activities Co-ordinator Mary Brown, has something on seven days a week, morning and afternoon, and it is with many of these sessions that the Volunteers give of their time to assist with Residents and make the never ending cups of tea and coffee”.
Sally added, “The most recent nationally estimated annual value of volunteers helping charities, such as ourselves, is £22.6bn – a  mind-blowing figure, and clearly many charities just would not function without volunteers.  At St. Christopher’s, we could never put a true value on the contribution of our volunteers, so great is the value to the Management, Staff and Residents.”.
“National Volunteers Week, gives us the opportunity to publicly say what an enormous debt of gratitude we owe each and every one of our volunteers, whether they volunteer for annual events such as our fundraisers, special projects such as putting in 3,000 bedding plants into our landscaped grounds, commemorative one-off events, or our many weekly activities”.
“Thank You so, so much  St. Christopher’s amazing volunteers, we don’t know what we would do without  you”.
If anyone over the age of 17, is interested in any form of volunteering at St. Christopher’s,  whether individually, as a company or organisation, for one-off or regular sessions, please contact Sally Freestone on 01604 823408.