Christmas hampers are seen as a gesture of love and
goodwill between friends and family. Many holiday
traditions surround good food and good
people, making the Christmas hamper the perfect gift!
This Christmas at Northamptonshire Children’s Trust, we
will be creating a range of hampers to support
underprivileged families who across the county.
Like most festive traditions, the Christmas hamper has a
rich history; spreading kindness to one another and
bringing communities closer together. In these challenging
times, we are hoping to reach out to as many families as
possible around Northamptonshire.
We are currently collecting & accepting dried foods i.e.
pasta, rice, tins etc. and gift donations from the local
community, businesses, churches etc. We will also be
accepting financial donations which will be put towards
additional items for the hampers.
Please contact Lisa Andrews (
for further information of where to drop donations or
donate to our very worthy cause.
On behalf of Northamptonshire Children’s Trust, we would
like to thank you for taking the time to read this & for
making this possible.