A Northamptonshire filmmaker is aiming to transform local sites into post-apocalyptic Britain for a new film, which has already won international awards for its script.

Andrew Griffin from Towcester is aiming to film The Flock during the summer and is offering local people the chance to get involved.

“This is very much a Midlands project,” said Andrew, usually known as ‘Griff’. “There’s a small collective of talented people working on it. We’re known as SteamWork Film, and we’re mostly based in the Midlands, although we also have cast and crew from other parts of the country.

“We’re now building the budget and hoping local people will get behind us – by helping to spread the word on social media or by word of mouth, or by chipping in financially in return for a reward.

“We’re offering perks that range from an on-screen credit to a day’s tuition from one of the crew, and from a copy of the tie-in comic book to actually appearing in the film.”

Set in the near future, The Flock is a slow-burn, 15-minute horror film that honours the heightened tensions of that genre but with more emphasis on character and theme than blood and gore.

Griff, who wrote the script and will direct, says it also draws heavily on the Western genre. “We don’t have horses and cowboys, but The Flock is a kind of ‘Midlands Western’ in terms of its characters, scenes, and defining moments.”

It follows Isabel, mayor of a survivors’ township, who takes off with her adoptive daughter, Vera, to search for her missing partner, who’s been out in the wasteland scavenging. Following his trail, and avoiding the traps he’s set to evade bandits, Isabel and Vera stumble across evidence that makes the apocalypse the least of their worries.

Griff’s script for The Flock has been recognised with awards at international festivals as far away as Mexico.

But it’s clearly a home-grown production, with two stars of British independent films, Francesca Louise White and Ben Manning, in the lead roles, and a crew which includes Mike Peel on make-up and special effects – his previous credits include Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixCasino Royale,  V for Vendetta, and The Descent.

With the cast and crew almost complete, the challenge is to secure funding. “We’ve set a target of £10,000 to cover the costs of filming and to make sure the professionals involved get paid for their time and talent,” said Griff.

“We’re really grateful for all the help so far and hoping more people will want to get on board. Whether it’s with financial help, or spreading the word, or even providing props – if people have rusty, faded, cracked or dirty objects with that ‘post-apocalyptic’ look, we’d love to hear from you!”

Information on the film and the rewards for helping with the funding can be found at: https://greenlit.fund/project/flock