Duston Players take Lockdown in their stride to present a new stage adaptation of HG Wells’ the First Men in the Moon… Entirely in Lockdown! Producer James Burgess has built a marionette theatre, with isolating actors voicing the puppet cast. The first of 4 episodes will premiere online on Wednesday 30th September, seeing two Victorian gentlemen plan an expedition to the Moon. Andy Whalley and Paul Enright-King voice the lead characters, Bedford (an unsuccessful businessman) and Cavor (an eccentric old Professor).
James, a professional sculptor and model maker, struck upon the idea when he saw the Salzburg Marionette Theatre. Renowned for producing large operas on a small scale, it occurred to him that it would be the ideal way to produce a ‘safe’ show in isolation, and that he also had the necessary skills to craft the puppets himself.
Duston Players were just 2 weeks away from opening their spring comedy, The Ladykillers, when disaster struck. The decision was hastily made to postpone it, and return when the tide turns. In the meantime, the group take on new roles in a light-hearted space adventure.
The First Men in the Moon will air in 4 parts, on the Duston Players YouTube channel. A link will be given for donations to the local arts. To watch for free, and to keep up with announcements, visit us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and www.dustonplayers.org.uk.