Looking for a challenge? With virtual fundraising the possibilities are
Could you run a marathon across a week or a month? Cycle 300km in 30 days? How about
climbing the world’s biggest mountain without even leaving the house? Virtual fundraising
makes all these challenges – and many more besides – possible.
“We’ve been blown away by the many diverse and innovative ways people have raised
funds for us throughout the recent lockdown,” said Alison McCulloch, Head of Fundraising
for the charity. “There are so many ways you can still take part and help us to continue
supporting our NHS heroes and the patients they treat.”
From a 24-hour gaming marathon, an online pet show and two young brothers cycling
300km between them in 30 days; to a 36-hour static spin for heroes, a marathon on a
treadmill and two marathons over a month while wearing a wedding dress – the possibilities
really are endless, while also helping to get in that all-important exercise.
While the world is still a very different place at the moment, there are great opportunities for
you to support your local NHS hospitals and services. You could climb the height of Everest
over 12 weeks without even leaving your home. Or, walk in the shoes of our NHS workers as
they reach their average 6.5 miles/13,500 steps per shift. If you’d like to get involved with a
somewhat less active challenge, why not run a virtual quiz night via Zoom, hold a socially-
distanced board game night or an online sale or auction with your friends.
Get involved with some virtual fundraising for Northamptonshire Health Charity and let’s
keep making big differences by enhancing patient experience and NHS staff wellbeing at this
testing time. See our 5 steps to virtual fundraising at
www.northamptonshirehealthcharity.co.uk and download a fundraising pack. Contact on
01604 626 927 or email greenheart@nhcf.co.uk for more information.