The Northampton Volunteer Car Scheme is a unique project in Northampton where volunteer drivers use their own vehicles to support elderly & disabled people, who live in the Borough of Northampton. It ensures passengers are able to make vital and on-going medically related and well-being appointments.

The scheme has 1000 registered passengers and last year, our team of 35 volunteer drivers donated over 33,500 hours of their time in assisting passengers to over 12,000 appointments. Over 6000 of these were to hospital appointments and 3000 to GP appointments. The ability to actually get to a medically related or wellbeing appointment, with support, is often overlooked when they are booked or a patient is referred for treatment.

We are also looking for more volunteer drivers, who can offer as many or as few hours a week of their time. It is a rewarding and positive role for the local community.

Plus, we are soon to be involved in a new project where we will need volunteer drivers to drive pool cars for us.

In our passenger survey 93% of respondents said the service was a ‘lifeline’, without it they would be unable to attend their appointments and would find it difficult to remain living independently in their own homes. We anticipate demand to grow following reductions in public and community transport, increased pressures on public spending and with the average age of the population continuing to increase.

We welcome new passengers who can register by calling the office on 01604 628234. Membership is £25 per year. And a mileage fee of 45p per mile paid to the driver.

We are a not-for-profit which relies entirely on the generosity of donations, grants & trust funding.

01604 628234