Brampton Ward at Northampton General Hospital is a Short Stay Ward for the Elderly and many of the patients have dementia. As hospitals can be disorientating and frightening for the elderly, especially for those with dementia, the team on Brampton ward have identified a space that they would like to turn into a quiet and relaxing room which patients can use to be away from the noisy ward.

The new room will be a comfortable environment where activities can take place such as bingo, or armchair aerobics! Jane Drew, activities Co-Ordinator for Brampton Ward says Daily activities for elderly patients while in hospital, with or without dementia, can be key to the success of their treatment. Having this new room will give us a space on the ward where we can take patients, getting them out of bed and interacting with others, which is invaluable. Just involving the patients in a simple group activity like Bingo can really help improve their wellbeing and can reduce a patients’ length of stay in hospital.”

The Northamptonshire Health Charity has been asked to fundraise for this precious space as unfortunately the room is not something the NHS will fund as it is not essential. The revenue received from the government pays for the basic services and infrastructure and charity funding helps to enhance patient care in departments, wards and services. The charity provides the funding to; improve the hospitals environment, buy the very best equipment and support staff development & training.

With your help we can transform the existing store cupboard on Brampton ward to a peaceful room which will not only be used for patient activities but it will also be a place which is quiet and less distracting than the ward, where elderly visitors can spend some quiet time with their relative. The room will also be somewhere where Doctors can have confidential and sometimes sad discussions with patients loved ones.

You can help us make this valuable difference to Brampton Ward. The cost of transforming the current space on the ward into a much more useful comfortable space, together with furniture and fittings is £15,000. With the help of your donation we can make this happen. Thank you!