An English teenager’s comic strip is dedicated to support cancer research

Daniel Akhmed dedicated the comic strip to his grandfather, Ismail Akhmedzhanov, who contracted a rare form of thyroid cancer and died three years before his birth. The comic will be published in English in spring 2021 by the British publishing house Hertfordshire Press

We are happy when we have the opportunity to spend time with our loved ones. However, many are deprived of this because of a fairly common disease in our time – cancer.                                                                                

The grandson never got to see him. The reason for this was radiation, which provoked the appearance of the tumor. The fact is that when Ismail Akhmedzhanov was serving, he was sent to build a cosmodrome. In those days, there were no means that would protect it from the radiation of rocket fuel. 

By the way, the Kazakh Baikonur, in the work on which Daniel’s grandfather took part, was necessary for the launch of the spacecraft that delivered Yuri Gagarin into space!

Daniel was born and lives in England. At his school in Rugby, he receives an excellence scholarship. The boy is interested in theater and animation. This is his first work.

The idea for the comic “The Final” appeared back in 2016. Work on the publication lasted 5 months. More recently, a new issue has been released, which will be the beginning of a long history.

The plot revolves around the events at the “Jack’s Wood” summer camp, where the main character, Steve Mile, arrives with his best friend. Once there, he notices strange things: there is no usual control and discipline, people around are completely different. And “Jack’s Wood” itself seems to be hiding a lot of secrets to be solved.

The publication of the comic will be possible thanks to the crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo online platform. The project has already been supported by the Public Association “Scientific Medical Society” from Kazakhstan. “The Final” will soon be available in English for online pre-order. The publishing house plans to translate the comic strip into Russian, Kazakh, Uzbek, Tatar and other languages. Part of the proceeds from the sale will go to support organizations around the world that help cancer patients. You can already help the project to raise funds:


You can support the project and make a pre-order on the online- platform Indego-go 

Hertfordshire Press has a long history of collaborating with young authors. Among them are Timur Akhmedjanov, the author of the recently released comic strip “Ilish”, Megan Werner, a girl pilot who has already published two books despite her young age, and Kazakh schoolgirl Maide Akan.

          A free online version for reviews can be found in the  attachment to the letter

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