CLASP is a community archaeological charity based at Nether Heyford where we have a field centre that holds our working base and archaeological archive store. Having this facility has provided us with a focal point for our members, the majority who come from the local area, to meet and work all through the year. Many of our members are elderly and find this activity an important part of their life, something they can ill – afford to lose.

Our two current archaeological fieldwork sites are a post Roman cemetery at Nether Heyford and the Romano-British town of Bannaventa that straddles the Watling Street to the east of Daventry. We are however researching and understanding the archaeological landscape of a much wider area of west Northamptonshire.

Unfortunately CLASP has been told that we must leave these premises during the next nine months owing to the business situation of our landlord. There is therefore an urgent need to locate alternative premises in the locality, somewhere in the range of no more than ten to fifteen miles from our current site but ideally less.

As Chair of Trustees I am appealing for anybody who has available premises in this area to consider letting them to us. Ideally we would need a minimum of 100 sq metres with an electrical supply and access to a toilet. We could pay a small rental charge and as we are a registered charity there would be an exemption for business rates.

To find out more about CLASP and its work across west Northamptonshire visit there is something for all ages. If you do have or know of possible premises please contact either myself or the Chair of our Organising Committee, Rob Close by email, the addresses are:- or