Now that the Chancellor has given reassurances about some financial support that will be available during this health crisis, life does not have to stop, even with social distancing.
For example, almost all of the trades people that advertise in our magazines work alone and can continue to offer their trades from a safe distance. From painters, tilers, builders, roofers, plumbers, joiners, locksmiths, mechanics, chimney sweeps, electricians, drainage people – they can all work beyond two metres of you at very least.
You are not in the same room as a painter & decorator or carpet cleaner when they are working. (Or a painter can be doing the outside jobs)  A tree surgeon, a gutter \ patio cleaner, a paver or someone who offers garden maintenance all work away from you.
If your car needs servicing, you’re not there when they do it. If you need a new boiler or your boiler needs servicing, you won’t be standing next to the person doing it. If you’ve been thinking about a new kitchen or bathroom, carpet, sofa, you still can. If you have no symptoms and the showroom is open, you can still go and look at the displays but keep a good distance between you and the staff. Have you been thinking about new windows or doors? You still can. Again, these people work away from the householder. Garden centres – What better way to spend time at home than tidying up your garden. You don’t get crowds at a garden centre so you can still go and choose some plants or get some compost etc
Self storage – If you’re stuck at home, why not spend the time having a sort out? Your excess items can be left in your garage enabling any house clearance company safe access. If you were going to go to one of the local restaurants to avoid the chore of cooking, order a take away instead.
A financial adviser can still help you sort out your finances over the phone or a video call. There is still so much that CAN be done and you can still remain safe. Check out our website for our online magazines and details of all of our advertisers.
PLEASE REMEMBER:- Our advertisers are local people just like you. While the supermarkets will have seen their sales (and profits) soar due to panic buying, the small independent businesses around are struggling BIG TIME so let’s help each other and help them.